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Pit Lane Roma ePrix
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Exclusive interview with Lucas Di Grassi
Season 3 Champion unveiled
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Formula E unveils the new sporting regulations
Exclusive interview Daniel Abt, Audi Sport
Daniel talk with us about the upcoming Season 5, let's the adventure begin!
Interview with Alexander Sims, BMW i Andretti Motorsport
Form Valencia to Ad Diriyah, let's the journey start!


Marrakech, Morocco, January 12, 2019
Another ePrix in the Desert!

Pronti per Marrakech!

11 Team, 22 Piloti e 22 vetture, la battaglia continua!

GREENGYNE Ltd announces the availability of a FORMAT that will be proposed to Sponsors as well as Teams for Formula E Season 5.

Since the thread will be energy as a concept, we named it ENERGY NEVER SLEEPS, and it will deal mainly with issues closely related to the Formula E and electric energy, so we think this format could fits anyone who need to empower its digital presence during the season.


Each package will be specifically created at the ePrix location before, during and after the race, and will capture the spirit of the event

Daniel Abt

The Audi Sport Driver (and his team mate Lucas Di Grassi) will give the top performances in Season 5, starting from a rock solid setup. Will they succeeded?

Alexander Sims

The fastest Driver in the pre season testing in Valencia, can he keep the pace during Season 5?

Round: 8 City: Paris

Country: France

Date: 23 March 2019