• You won a FE title, and today you drive a different car, the format of the race is different, what do you think about it?

Well, FE is evolving, as a series, and I managed to be champion in season 3, I finished second twice, I had some good results here. But it’s getting very interesting now with the GEN2 car, races are more equal, more fair, so it’s harder to win two or three races in a row like we did last year, just because the format of the championship now, with the qualifying it really undermines the guys in the top 5 in the championship.

  • Talking about qualy, we know that the format doesn’t encounter the favor of all the drivers, could you please tell our readers how it works?

Well, the way the qualifying works now is that if you are in the top 5 of the championship, you are the first out on track, which means that you take the track in the worst conditions, of course if you’re fighting for the title it’s not good, but I think it’s good for the whole championship, and I think they don’t need to change it. 

  • The Attack Mode is one of this season’s news, what do you think about it?

Attack Mode is interesting, as a strategy. I think it should give more difference in power. It is definitely a positive innovation, but it can be improved.

  • You are Roborace CEO, tell us something about it.

Roborace is trying to bring autonomous technology into motorsport, and we are trying to do that with the championship. Very controversial, very new, a lot of technology involved, so we want to be THE technology platform in the future.

  • And do you think we’ll have a sort of championship within FE dedicated to Roborace, as we have today with Jaguar, for example?

No, that’s not our target. The target is not to be a supportive event. The target is to have our own type of racing and this could be done in a very nice way.

(Photo courtesy: Claudio Degaspari – InsideMedia)
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