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(Photo: Mercedes)

Berlin ePrix, Round 10 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

Grandstands crowded as never before, long lines at the various Food&Beer kiosk, as it always happen here in Berlin.

On the stage a band is playing music veryloud, but no one seems to really notice. The atmosphere at the Berlin ePrix is always like this, festive and loud, more Oktoberfest-like than ePrix-like, at least until the cars don’t enter the track.

Only a few minutes to the start of the race, everything is ready, when the speaker announces a minute of silence as a tribute to Niki Lauda.

An incredible silence falls on Tempelhof , everything stops: people stand still, the noise coming from the garages ceases suddenly and from our position, near the photographer entrance to the circuit, we observe the crowd on the grandstands: everybody is standing, some “old” fans of the great Niki with their hand on their heart.

A short minute that seems to last as long as his career and his life. A simple minute to commemorate an entrepreneur who fell, even badly sometime, but never gave up and always fought looking at the future.

He got up after each and every fall, but not this time. Fate has won over him.

But he will last forever in our memories and in our hearts.

Thanks Niki!

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