• This year you the car is different, the format of the race is different, what do you think about it?

First thing, I believe eDams has done a very good job with the car, and it’s clearly competitive.  We qualify a lot in the front, although we didn’t get as many points as we deserves, and so far it’s been disappointing. Our performance has been there to get wins and podiums, but so far we have won only one podium to our name. Of course that’s difficult, and with the different schedule for the races this year I just think it’s better we don’t have to change cars, and it’s generally better with the qualifying sequence, you have seen how close the championship is.

  • And it would be nice not to have the same situation we had in Paris where for half of the race we had the Safety Car

For my side, when it started to rain and they put the Safety Car out,  it was a little strange, because I didn’t think it was that bad. But I guess I  was alone, so I didn’t have any spray and the visibility was ok. So I cannot really comment on the other guys

  • I don’t know if you noticed it, but all the fans were cheering you when you passed in front of the grandstand…

Well, you know, I was leading , and then I went to the back, and I was trying my best to come back through, but I finished with the car completely smashed up, so I guess they enjoyed the show.

  • The Attack Mode is one of this season’s news, how do you value it during the race?

It’s good. It is just fun for us to manage. For sure we need to make it slightly better, we need to perfect it, but it’s a good theory. It’s one of those things that is not making enough difference to pass, yet.

  • I guess you have already explored the track, what do you think about it, which is the iconic Monaco, but at the same time it is not the same track used in F1?

I drove here many times, already in the past, so I know most of the track. I haven’t actually walked it yet, because the track walk is this afternoon, but I think it is a quite straight forward track, quite wide for Formula E, so I think it’s gonna be extremely close in qualifying.

  • What would you tell the fan in order to get the FanBoost?

Obviously I’m gonna create a  good race, and I’m gonna be interested in always try to attack, so if you want me to have a little more power and try to attack people, then you should vote for me!

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