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  • You won a title already, so you know FE well, you are an expert. This year is very different, the car can run for a full race, and you drive a different car. What do you think about the car itself?

I think it’s a different car as you said, and I think it’s a good step because we’ve had some very interesting races so far. The car itself is more powerful, it’s just better so I think that’s very good. And also the championship in Formula E is evolving well, so hopefully it’s gonna continue to grow and get even more successful.

  • And what do you think about the Attack Mode? How much has it helped you?

The Attack Mode sometimes doesn’t help you, , but in the end I think it’s good for the show. It’s a good idea. I was a little bit skeptical at the start because I thought it wouldn’t make that big of a difference, but actually it does and I believe it’s interesting to see this kind of things.

  • Of course you perfectly know Monaco, and the track which is different from the one for F1, what do you think of it?

I think it’s a shorter track, and of course I would love to do the bigger one, but I am already really happy to be here and do the short one. We had some good successes in the past and hopefully we can replicate those good performances again this weekend 

  • One more question, what would you like to tell the fan to convince them to give you the FanBoost?

(Smiling) I think it’s always nice to get the help and the support of the fans. I always try to use it in a good way, and it’s gonna help a lot in the race. I hope they will give me the FanBoost because we need a little bit of help; it’s been a frustrating season so far.

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