• Venturi is the only team with the hometown race here in Monaco, it is a great privilege but also a great responsibility. 

Like you said, we are the only motorsport team based in Monaco, and to be competing in the streets of Monaco, which they are seen as the jewels of the crown, for F1 and for FE, so for us it’s a very special moment for the team. Obviously it’s a race we want to deliver to high expectation. We have the president here, Mr. Gildo Pastor, our headquarter is just a 5-minute walk from here, so I think it’s a very special event for us and an important one.

  • It’s a big challenge for you tomorrow.

It’s without a doubt a big challenge. Just as every race, though. Every race is a big challenge. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you come, the level of competition in FE is very high, the format of the race means that you need you to be very well prepared to cope with any eventuality which comes. I say quite often you need to minimize the errors and maximize the opportunities.

  • You are the only lady who is Team principal in Formula E. Are there difficulties working mostly with guys?

I don’t think there are difficulties working with the guys, I think there’s complexity in trying to maximize the opportunities in this environment because in the end I am responsible for the performance of this team. I will always do my best to make sure that the team performs and that means there are some elements where I will always come into, some battle and I will have to stand my corner. I never view myself as being the only woman, and when I sit at the team principal’s meeting I never worry about being the only woman. I stand up and have my voice. And taking on this role I always knew I would have to stand on my own two feet. I think the level of competition is high, in FE, I need to do a good job, I need to put my team together and then enable them and empower them to do a good job. I don’t underestimate the size of the challenge but I feel ready for the challenge. And to have scored our first victory in my first season in joining the team is something I am very proud of, because I am proud of what this team, and when I talk about the team, I mean people, and what the people have managed to achieve in Venturi is something that makes me more proud than the results in the end. Because I put the people together and they have managed to perform and exceed expectations and put Venturi onto the top step of the podium and that’s something that makes me very happy.

  • So you are, rightly, concentrated just on your job…

Yes, just on the job. I have learned that in my race career: focus on the performance and let the noise fade away. Because all that matter on the long run, is the performance

  • There are rumors about a possible female championship with the GEN1 cars next year, substituting the Jaguar e-Pace. What are your feelings about this initiative?

I didn’t hear that rumor, obviously that’s up to the promoters and if they think that’s the way forward…I don’t really have great positivity, in the end we are racing new technology, and at least for me I want to compete in the pinnacle of the sport, I don’t want to see the old generation cars just driven by women in the sport series. But I leave that to the management and promoters to decide if that’s right or not. My focus is on making this team function and regardless of whether it’s male racing or women racing, I just wanna see good racing.

  • Now a little bit of gossip. Next year Mercedes will land officially, so…will you have a fight within the family?

(Laughing) No. we’ll have a fight at the race track, but in the family, there’s no risk there’s going to be any fighting or big rivalry. I have huge respect for my husband and what he has achieved in motorsport. He was a big inspiration for me but I am more proud of him as a husband than as a team principal. We both work in the same industry and we’ll represent different teams in FE next year, but I have no doubts that we will do it in a respectful way to the teams we are working with. We’ll be fighting hard on track, but there will be no worries about rivalry off track.

  • So next year you will be coaching Toto because you have one year of experience.

(Laughing) but he’s won 5 world championships, so I don’t think that’s gonna work.

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